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Fresh flowers are a symbol of optimism and purity. This is one of the reasons why flowers are indefinitely used for various rituals and prayers. Many Goddesses and Gods are offered beautiful flowers as a sign of respect and gratitude. Flowers are extremely paramount to complete heavenly and auspicious ceremonies, events, and prayers. Whether it is for a western ceremony or an Indian celebration, flowers play a significant role in defining trueness and purity. Flowers go beyond any color, creed, caste, and religion. 

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Orchids are associated with luxury, grace, royalty, and fertility. Lilies depict vision, beauty, devotion, and purity. Carnations symbolize innocence, love, distinction, and good luck. Bird of paradise flowers is connected with hope, nature, powerful belief, and freedom. Anthuriums are a symbol of strong friendship and long-lasting love. The classic roses are associated with true feelings of love, passion, affection, and eternal togetherness. Each flower has a special and important symbol and meaning. They are perfect to showcase all kinds of emotions of a person to another person. 

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