Classic Flora provides flowers and various other presents for every budget. If you are looking for bouquets, flower baskets, flowering plants, and wedding cakes, look no further. We have expert florists and workers who carefully handpick each flower. We understand the emotions and love behind every online flower delivery to loved ones.


We have formed a blissful flower delivery in Mumbai with the presence of the most attractive blossoms of different types. We know that on every celebrated occasion, the importance of flowers is highly paramount. Alluring flowers make everything around us beautiful and colorful. They shine upon the environment. The wonderful natural fragrance that flowers give is not only therapeutic but also lingers around for a long time. People deserve flowers and we at classic flora make sure that we send flowers to Mumbai residents on time for their special occasion.  

Be it weddings, birthdays, graduation ceremonies, and anniversaries, we provide flowers and balloons delivery in Mumbai, luxury flower delivery in Mumbai, and bouquet delivery in Mumbai. 

Every flower depicts a story, they have a meaning. For example, if you want to gift flowers to a spouse, you cannot get them white roses, it simply has to be red roses. Red roses are the perfect option because they are the symbol of eternal love and romance. We have flowers for every occasion; there is a variety of aromatic flowers on our online Mumbai flower shop to choose from.   

A great majority of people absolutely are delighted to receive flowers. There are many benefits of having flowers, every time somebody looks at them; they have a huge smile on their face. If you are having a bad day, flowers tend to get rid of those blues. Flowers make every occasion cheerful and special.  

Women have a soft spot for flowers. There is a misconception that women do not like flowers because they die very soon, but it is not true at all. If you send flowers to a spouse, or a girlfriend on an anniversary, birthday, or Valentine’s Day, waking up to flowers in the morning makes them feel loved and appreciated. Classic Flora is the best place to send flowers and other gift items to your girlfriend or wife.  

You can couple our flowers with a lovely present or cake to make an occasion even more remarkable. Husbands, on the other, love to receive flowers too. You must walk an extra mile and send flowers to your loving husband, this way he will feel that you love him as much as he does and that you are reciprocating his affection. You could surprise your husband or boyfriend on your anniversary or his birthday with beautiful flowers and cakes. 

Are you always confused when it comes to gifting your brother or sister something on a special occasion? At classic flora, we provide you with not only the most amazing flowers, but also cakes, chocolates, and personalized gift items. These make the best gifts for your siblings for their birthdays, rakhi, Bhai dooj, and other festivals.  For the occasion of father’s day and mother’s day, thank them for always supporting you and being there for you by gifting them precious luxurious bouquets of flowers. You cannot live without them for even a moment; they are your guardian angels. Send them flowers to acknowledge their support and strength. 

Apart from flowers, we also provide various gift items, cakes, chocolates, and customized presents. We offer scrumptious cake delivery in Mumbai of different mouth-watering flavors. A great gift for a loved one is a customized gift item. These are altered according to the customer’s needs and requirements.  These are considered very thoughtful and personal. It depicts and celebrates a special moment and occasion in our lives.  

We provide various customized products that will be perfect to gift your loved ones. Customized cushions are fluffy and soft. You can get a message written on it, or a special picture can be put on the cushion. Customized mugs, on the other hand, are gaining a lot of popularity these days. These are one of the most thoughtful and cute presents of all time. We can easily deliver a customized mug with a message or a picture as a gift to your loved ones. When they use the mug, they will always remember you.  

Customized mugs are the perfect gifts if you are looking for something that shows the symbol of your bond with your loved ones and can be used daily. This gift is suitable for every occasion or event. These customized mugs make the best gifts for father’s day and mother’s day. If you also add flowers with a customized gift, it will be a win-win situation. 

The reason why flowers are offered to goddesses and gods during prayers is that they are a symbol of purity. They are a part of our heavenly and auspicious prayers. Whether it is a western celebration or a traditional Indian festival, flowers are an important part that is beyond any creed, religion, and caste.  

At classic flora, we know the meaning of the flowers. We recommend a certain flower for certain occasions based on their varied meanings and languages. We have talented experts who help you to choose flowers that would be best to send your loved ones. Flowers turn relationships into strong bonds that would last forever. We provide the best quality Mumbai flowers to our customers.   

We know which kind of flower will bring positivity to you; we know which flowers have the most alluring aroma, which flowers provide you with calmness and comfort, and which flower is the symbol for love and passion. Every flower has a special meaning. This makes these flowers relevant and significant. Lilies are for beauty, anthurium is for irresistible and long-lasting beauty of hope and perfection, new beginnings can be depicted by black roses, and carnations are for love, innocence, and feminism. Orchids represent luxury and grace, red roses are the symbol for eternal love, happiness is symbolized by pink roses, and freedom, joy, and nature are depicted by the bird of paradise flowers.  

Flowers are used for several purposes, from decorative pieces to decorative arrangements. They are also used to make various toiletries and cosmetic items such as soaps, creams, perfumes, shampoos, room fresheners, etc. let’s not forget there are a variety of teas that are made by using flowers like rose tea, hibiscus tea, jasmine tea and many more. Certain candles also have flowers that provide tranquility and peace. Flowers are given to people as gifts in the form of baskets and bouquets on different occasions. When you are congratulating or honoring a person for some achievements in their life, presenting them with flowers is a sign of respect. 

Depending on an individual’s choices, almost all the flowers can be used for forming arrangements and decorations. There are different colors of flowers available, and we at classic flora understand which flower color is appropriate for different emotions and occasions. Red roses are the most common flower option that depicts love, affection, romance, and aspiration. Red carnations are for love, warmth, and veneration. Yellow lilies are for cheerfulness and optimism. Another famous flower option is the purple orchids that symbolize esteem, respect, and royalty.  

Natural flowers work better than artificial ones, whether it is for decoration or gifting purposes. The aroma and fragrance of the natural and fresh flowers make the whole aura of the place enjoyable, pleasant, and lively. 

Flower arrangements are a great way to show different types of feelings and emotions such as love, nostalgia, gratitude, passion, romance, friendship, respect, and intimacy. These can be exchanged between friends, family members such as mother, father, siblings, aunts, and uncles. Flowers make the perfect gift for professionals at work saucy as superiors and colleagues. 

Flowers are vastly used in wedding ceremonies. The first thing that the guest notices are the flower decorations and arrangements at a wedding. In countries like India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, flowers are used to decorate not only the venue of the wedding but also houses. Roses and lilies are the most common and popular flower options in Hindu weddings. Both, red roses and pink lilies make the weddings vibrant and colorful. These are highly used flowers, no matter how big or small the ceremony is. It stays fresh and lasts up to two to three days. The petals of various colorful flowers are used to add beauty to the rangoli. Other widely used flowers in a wedding ceremony are carnations; they signify the announcement of love to others. 

Flowers are an integral part of occasions, celebrations, and our society. They are indispensable. Various kinds of flower arrangements and flowers are used to decorate and design them in several ways. Flowers are not only used for gifting but are also used for decorating buildings and halls that are used for ceremonies, parties, festivals, and celebration purposes. For several decoration and gifting purposes, flower bouquets of the same kinds, as well as different kinds are used as well. 

Classic flora provides the best quality bouquet and loose flowers online in Mumbai. There are four major ways to design flowers. There are flower baskets, flower vases, flower bunch, and flower bouquets.  

Some famous flower arrangements and packages are hundred beautiful red roses, a bunch of lilies, mixed purple and blue orchids, different colored carnations bunched together, rainbow rose bouquets, and many more. Among all these kinds of bunches and bouquets, the most famous gifted type of flowers in India is the rainbow rose bouquet. This kind of bouquet contains roses of different colors such as yellow, pink, white, as well as red in one bunch or a glass vase. All the flowers have an amazing aroma and are extremely bright. 

Apart from flowers used on special occasions for gifting purposes, they are also used as a great source for healing the ailing and sick people because of their soothing colors. People tend to recover more quickly when they receive flowers from their loved ones. White roses, pink roses, red carnations, and yellow lilies have the most therapeutic functions. Any white-colored flowers the best way to show thoughtfulness and respect in sad situations like deaths and funerals. White flowers, on the other hand, are also the best way to express homage and regard to elderly people. 

If you need to order flowers, cakes, or any other gift product, then classic flora is the best house of flowers in Mumbai that quickly delivers flowers to Mumbai residents. From yummy sugary cakes to wonderful assortments of flowers, we excel in online flower delivery in Mumbai. We offer good quality products at reasonable prices, we timely deliver all our orders, and we are ready to help you with any issues and queries. We deliver flowers in Mumbai with utmost importance to time. Be it flowers, gifts, and cakes; you can place an order anywhere, anytime, and from any device. We believe in making your special occasion even more perfect and bright. All you have to do is visit our website and place your order today.