About Us

Nothing surprises a person more than the well-planned and well-crafted gifts that you present to your loved ones on all the special occasions of their life. We aid you in the process of finding the best gifts for your near and dear ones so that you can surprise them on the first place, and make their day even happier.

Welcome to Classic Flora!

We extend the services of sending some of the most amazing flowers, delicious cakes as well as perfect gifts to all your dearest people throughout India and countable foreign countries. Established in the year 2012, we have been extending our services to millions of people ever since our inception and we continue to maintain the legacy.

We understand the value of relationships that you have with your near and dear ones and hence we extend a helping hand to you in delivering the best flowers, cakes and gifts for all the happy occasions of your near and dear ones.

Flowers always make people happy. The fresh fragrance and the blooming appearance of the flowers is something that cheers every person. We provide the service of delivering all kinds of fresh and blooming flowers to all your closer ones located within and outside India. We also entertain same-day delivery in some cities of India and hence with us, you can always send fresh flowers to your kith and kin to wish and surprise them on all the happy events of their life. The fresh flowers that we sell are available in various patterns and designs and hence you always have a choice of choosing the best one.

Similarly, we carry out the service of delivering some of the most delectable cakes and perfect gifts online which speak in terms of their taste, appearance as well as quality. Our gift items include a variety of chocolates, stuffed toys, perfumes and various other customized as well as personalized gifts. You can choose the best gifts from among the different occasions such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries and pick the most suited one.

We extend our services of same-day delivery to multiple cities of India. Besides, we also extend our services of delivering the best flowers and gifts to various countries as well. We work on a simple object of spreading smiles and hence we put our best foot forward in order to make sure that our objective is well-furnished.

Over the time, we have delivered thousands of products in different cities and extended a satisfactory service to all our clients and customers.We have put smiles on almost 1 million faces, both nationally and globally and we look forward to serving more clients with all our hearts. Our team of experts make sure that they curate the best flowers and gifts as per all your needs and demands, thereby providing you with the best suited service. Our team combines professionalism, enthusiasm as well as creativity together to offer a unique as well as fully-reliable service within the most competitive prices.

Flowers speak the language of love. Similarly, cakes and gifts speak the language of affection. Get in touch with us and make the most of the best service that we provide to you. Visit us and choose from a wide variety of flowers, cakes and gifts and buy your favorites. We make sure to deliver them at your doorstep within the shortest time-period.

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