Shipping Details

1. We attempt delivery in between 10am and 6pm and we don’t guarantee time commitment.

2. We are not held liable upon the event of wrong information of the address given by you. Nevertheless, we try to inform you immediately about the same. However, no refund shall be made in this regard.

3. We make sure to take due caution in order to make the delivery of the flowers to the correct person at the correct address in the order form. However, this always comes with a disclaimer about the responsibility of damage and compensation.

4. All the bouquets shall be assembled as per the description given on the web page. However, they may be arranged differently as the ones shown in the pictures.

5. We reserve all the rights to make the delivery of any similar/alternate product for all the reasons which reach beyond our control and this action shall not be considered as the non-delivery of the product.

6. We make sure to put our best foot forward in meeting the request related to date and time of the delivery of the product as specified. However, any delay or early delivery for any reasons made by us shall not entitle the user for any kind of compensation.

7. On account of the designated delivery date, we will make two attempts to deliver the product to the given address. If the recipient is not available, we reserve the right to live the concerned product with the recipient/watchman/caretaker of the property or to any such responsible individual with instructions about the delivery. In such circumstances, we assume that we have completed the delivery.

8. We expressly state that we are in no way connected to the film stars or film personalities mentioned on any web pages which are operated by us. There hasn’t been any consultation with any of the aforementioned film personalities and all the personal details listed on to the pages have been taken from the public domain. We try our best to make the delivery of the products on to their concerned addresses. However, our liability is restricted to refund the cost of the bouquet in case the deliveries aren’t completely met.

9. Kindly make sure that you enter all the details regarding the order correctly. The order once placed cannot be cancelled. All the rights regarding the acceptance and denial of an order is at our sole discretion.

10. Claims related to refund shall only be considered upon the non-delivery. If it has been established that delivery was not made, 100 percent refund shall be made within a period of 24 hours of verification.