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Anniversary chocolate Cake

SKU: CF3564
Anniversary chocolate Cake
Design and icing of cake may vary from the image shown here since each chef has his/her own way of baking and designing a cake. Cakes are procured locally, as such the icing and design may differ.
Standard Price: 799/-   13

1/2 Anniversary chocolate Cake

Price : 799/- $ 13

Note: Product photo shown here is to show various designs, actual shipment may not be Exactly same. We may substitute flowers or color of flowers in case of unavailibility.

Cake Delivery Time will be after 11.00 am to 8.00 pm or at Mid Night, depends on delivery location.

For Midnight kindly select date of delivery prior to the occasion date. eg: if occasion is on 15th June, please select 14th June. Delivery time for Midnight will be 23.00pm to 00.30am.

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